Relax and Enjoy

Something from our Complimentary Beverage Menu. We like our clients to feel welcome.

One third espresso, one third hot milk and one third frothed milk, dusted with chocolate powder.

Caffè Americano
Espresso top with hot water.
(milk optional)

Caffè Latte
A shot of espresso topped up with hot milk.

Caffè Mocha
Espresso, mixed with chocolate powder or chocolate syrup topped with frothed milk

The Classic Italian coffee, shorts and black with a very intense aroma and aftertaste.

Espresso Macchiato
A single espresso topped with frothed milk.

Espresso Con Panna
A single espresso with a topping of freshly whipped cream.

Hot Chocolate
Shot of chocolate sauce topped with frothed milk, sprinkled with chocolate powder.